owners John and Alice
Impact Engraving and Design

Some of the services we provide and materials we engrave are:

Permanent Metal Marking          
  • Scratch resistant metal marking on many types of material such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass and chromed steel
  • Weatherproof barcodes and labels for oceanography products
  • Precision placement of barcodes and serial numbers
Wood Signage           
  • Interior and exterior wood signage for corporate
  • Custom exterior cottage and property marking signs
Acrylic and Plastic Laser Cutting           
  • Precision laser cutting and engraving of various plastic types
  • Etching of various shapes of glass
  • Coloured marking with the following colours: black, bronze, blue, grey, yellow and green
Wedding and Graduation Gifts        
  • Wine bottles, glasses, custom one-of-a-kind invitations
  • Engraving of Diplomas on wood or glass
Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products        
  • Water bottles, coffee mugs and key chains
  • Custom business cards, pens and leather products